MDAT Advocats Penalistes is a law firm, created on 2008, and it is specialized exclusively to criminal law, providing services throughout the Spanish State.

The office provides legal counsel to individuals and legal entities in either a position of Defense or Prosecution, particularly in those proceedings for which criminal responsibilities and property derived from crime are to be clarified. At the same time, the firm’s consulting and advisory activity to public and private businesses and corporations with regards to “Economic Criminal Law” stands out through legal opinion reports and recommended action plans that are aimed at preventing criminal risks for their management and employees:  Corporate Defense.

The firm has a team of six lawyers, all highly qualified specialists in Criminal Law, an Administration department, and the technological media and materials necessary to deliver superior customer service, all of which can be personalized to you in English, French or Italian. In addition, the firm is able to count on the most prestigious evidence experts in the country.

The firm is also a collaborator with the Master in Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences of the Universities of Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra, with the Master of Law of the University of Barcelona and participates in the “Stays in Law Firms” of the Judges in practices of the Spanish Judicial School.MDAT ADVOCATS PENALISTES is one of the reference firms in Barcelona specializing in Criminal law that is entrusted with criminal cases by the leading civil, commercial, family, divorce, labor, administrative and tax law firms it works with at the national and international level. In addition to providing its services to relevant companies and numerous public legal and administrative entities, accountants and renowned consulting firms. It also has different external referral agreements signed with state-level business and social entities.

From a social perspective, regardless of the partners’ and team’s own activities, MDA ADVOCATS regularly participates in fund-raising events for charitable organizations such as the Fundació Ignasi de Gispert and the Fundació Jubert Figueras.