The Firm advises members, directors and executives of companies and private and public corporations under the so-called Economic Criminal Law, so that policies are adopted for the prevention of criminal risks that can arise from economic activity. To this end, MDA Advocats provides consultations, prepares legal opinions and organizes internal training activities aimed at those most responsible for the legal entities, with the aim of avoiding to be required to respond to criminal and property violations in the future and to be held accountable for the lack of sufficient prevention in relation to its activity or, where appropriate, to minimize the effects of any possible liability. Preventing the commitment of a criminal offence is the best solution from our perspective.

Criminal liability and property derived from crime by legal entities

Cybercrime and illegal activities committed using the Internet and Social Media, child pornography, credit card fraud, payment fraud, Email phishing, identity theft, cyberbullying, Sexting, hacking, online scamming

Fraud, embezzlement, racketeering and other fraudulent crime
Punishable insolvencies
Alteration of prices in public tenders and auctions
Offences related to intellectual property
Offences related to the market: corporate espionage
Offences related to the consumer
Corporate crime: accounting fraud, abusive and harmful agreements, denial of the rights of the partners, fraudulent and unfair administration and other related behaviors

Fraud against the State Treasury, the Autonomous, Statutory, Local or European state, and with regards to Social Security
Improperly and fraudulently obtaining grants and public funds
Crime of violation of formal duties in the area of taxation and accounting

Crime of worker exploitation
Crime of illegal recruitment
Crime of discrimination at work
Crime against the failure to provide for the safety of workers in case of accident
Labor Mobbing

Urban crime and environmental crime

Counterfeit Currency and stamping effects
Document Forgery
Encroachment and intrusion

Crime of administrative malfeasance
Crime of breach of obligations by an authority or public official and other similar behaviors
Bribery and influence peddling
Embezzlement of public funds and other related behaviors
Crimes of abuse in the exercise of an administrative function and corruption in international business transactions

Crimes of judicial malfeasance and breaches of duty to prevent crime or promote its persecution
Crime of concealment
Crime of Arbitrary fulfillment of the Law
Crime of false charges and accusations and false testimony
Offences of obstruction of justice and professional disloyalty
Crime of breach of sentence or breach of injunction


Offences related to life such as murder, manslaughter and crimes and offenses against physical and moral integrity

Sexual harassment, violation, assault and rape

Illegal detention, threats and coercion

Offences against family rights and duties and domestic violence, child abandonment, child abuse, assault and battery, harassment, order of protecion

Crimes against privacy, the right to self-image and the inviolability of domicile

Crimes against honor, libel and slander

Shoplifting, theft, robbery, burglary, larceny, extortion, seizure, damage and receiving stolen property

Arson and destruction
Crimes against public health

Reckless driving or driving under the influence of toxic drugs, narcotic drugs, alcoholic beverages, impaired driving offences
Refusal to submit to tests for the testing of blood-alcohol levels and presence of drugs
Driving without a license or a permit to drive
Crime of causing a serious risk for traffic

Crime of assault to authority and crimes of resistance, disobedience and public disorder
Crime of illegal possession of weapons and other related behaviors



Separations and divorces processes as contentious as by mutual agreement.
Marriage and pre-nuptial agreements.
Agreements for future breakups.
Legal advice on Italian and Spanish family law, as well as on private international law.
Allocation of guardianship and custody of minors
Parenting plan. Shared custody.
Interim measures. Injunctive relief.
Cross-border pension claims, and cross-border visitation rights.
Family mediation.
Modification of judicial measures
Claims for payment of pensions, and breaches of the visitation regime.
Grandparents visitation rights
International divorces.
Recognition of foreign judgments. Exequatur.
International Child Abduction
Liquidation of matrimonial property regime and liquidation of common property.
Condominium division.
Claims of paternity and filiation.
Voluntary Jurisdiction Procedure.
Pet Custody in Divorce


Inheritance processing.
Legal assistance and advice considering national and international inheritance law,
including legal and tax planning of intestate succession.
Claims in relation to the defence of hereditary interests both in and out of court
Claims of compulsory portions and legacies. Contesting Wills and Declaration of Heirs
Mediation in conflicts between heirs
Intervention in the legal administration of inheritances
Intervention as executors and representatives of heirs.
Settlement of inheritance tax and gift taxes.
Advice on succession in a family owned business.